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Part Details

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SKU: #3870
Item: Bagman
Part Type: Board
Sub-Type: Classic
Working?: Tested and Working
Usually Ships: This item is no longer available
Possible reason: this item may have been sold.

Tested and working Stern Bagman arcade game board. Board uses a vertical monitor and unique pinout.

Quick Game Facts

Coin-Op Overview
Another sophisticated and rather difficult game from Stern, Bagman requires a lot of patience just to learn the basics. The controls feature a joystick for movement and an "Action" button used to grab on to the rafters, pick up a pick axe, pick up a bag of money, drop a bag of money, or move a wheel barrel. That's a lot to remember for one button!

Bagman features Turkey in the Straw as its background music, and can be catchy. (Or annoying if you're having a bad game!)

Screen Captures
Screen Capture Screen Capture Screen Capture Screen Capture

Technical Details
Year: 1982
Manufacturer: Stern
Name: Bagman
Class: Coin-Op
Sub-Class: Arcade

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