Manufacturer Atari

APB Video Board

Tagged has having minor video issue?

Origina Atari System 2, APB arcade game video circuit board from 1987.  Listing is for the Video board only, it was tagged as having a minor video issue on the title screen (red line?) a few years ago when we had a test rig available for System 2 game boards.  We have not retested it and are selling it as-is. Consider it needing some repair work.

It is a fairly clean board in good condition, see photos for more details. 

Year 1987
Genre Racing
Related Game Title 720 Degrees
Related Game Title A.P.B.
Related Game Title Championship Sprint
Related Game Title Paperboy
Quick Game Facts
720 Degrees

You have to earn the right to compete in the skateparks of the city and ultimately win the title of champion of the skating world. You have to earn tickets to allow you to enter the skateparks where you can compete against the clock for gold, silver, or bronze medals.

Use earned case to buy additional skating equipment such as boards, helmets, pads, and shoes.

Tips from local champion Jonas Astrand from Sweden:


  1. Always skate on the Advanced mode, even if you´re a beginner... This is because the Advanced mode allows higher scoring, earning more money and technically gaining more tickets.
  2. Use this standard routine for gaining tickets, follow my scheme:
    • Head to upper-left corner and buy "Helmet", continue counter-clockwise (CCW) and get all addons in this order: "Board" (lower-left), "Pads" (lower-right) and "Shoes" (upper-right), continue CCW and enter the Ramp Competition level 4 and skate for GOLD medal (tips on playing ramp below)... This is because the ramp gives you most money and points to add to your account and therefore more tickets early in the game and each round that follows it. And dont say its impossible: IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET ALL 4 EQUIPMENTS BEFORE ENTERING THE FIRST PARK! (if you feel that you cant get all 4, skip the helmet and also the pads if necesarry).
    • Head back fast and Buy "Shoes" Level 2, then Continue Counter-Clockwise passing the ramp park and going CCW all the time: This leads to next buy "Helmet" level 2 and next park Downhill.
    • Continue Counter-Clockwise around the main street park. This leads to next buy "Board" level 2 and next park Jump.
    • Continue Counter-Clockwise around the main street park. This leads to next buy "Pads" level 2 and next park Slalom.
  3. If you´re low on points and dont have a ticket, head for the hazard-zones and/or try to jump on bodybuilders, skaters and other unprotected people.
  4. Keep your cool and never enter any competitions until the "Skate or die!" is heard. Instead circle outside and Jump/Slide to add to you´re score.
  5. Good Luck and have Patience... Always try New stuff, such as Shortcuts in the tournament zones and remember... HAVE FUN!
Specific Tournaments:
The ramp is easy, just skate up to the end of each side and put your board in 90 degrees angle and make a slide for it till you almost stop, then turn your board to next side and do this over and over for a nice GOLD medal... works for all parks I´ve been to, including the * level (which is the last in the game).

Fairly easy. dont make any mistakes and make at least one jump to gain time... The jump is different for each level, but just try to find a place in each where you can see another ramp at another place besides the one you´re on and make a jump to the other... You have now gained a lot of time not going around the USUAL course and should be able to score a GOLD or at least SILVER medal.

Get your speed up to medium, dont try to go faster than that. Instead get all the slalom ports and you´re in for an easy GOLD medal. Also each time you know you´re already in the right direction to make a port, make a jump, adding nicely to your total score.

As you're going down toward the jumps, go over each diamond. The size of the diamond dictates how far you should jump. For the small diamonds, I don't jump at all - just go off the end of the ramp, and spin twice. For medium diamonds, jump when you're at the bottom of the trough on the jump ramp, w/ 3 spins. For large diamonds, jump at the very edge of the jump ramp w/ 3 spins (can be 4 later). The "slanted" diamond means you start on the side of the ramp with the diamond and just before you jump you turn slightly in the direction the bottom of the diamond points. The filled diamond means two jumps in a row. On later parks you can start doing 4 spins in stead of 3. Also remember that on later jumps you often have to jump again right after you land to clear a water obstacle.

Thats it! I also want to send my Thanks to Jeff "Tate", who helped Jonas Astrand out and gave hints on improving techniques. Remember... SKATE or DIE!

Coin-Op Overview

The arcade version uses a unique rotary control that allows full circular and directional movement. Kick and jump buttons allow the play to perform complex moves.

720 also has a 25", medium resolution monitor.

Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1986
Manufacturer: Atari Games
Genre: Sports
Players: 2P
Conversion Class: Atari System II
Monitor Type: Raster
Orientation: Horizontal
Monitor Resolution: VGA