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Manufacturer Atari

Atari 4" Track Ball (Used)

Needs some work

Original Atari 4" track ball used in its Missile Command, Atari Football, Atari Baseball and Atari Basketball arcade games. This one will need some work, it has been sitting in a box for many years, has some surface rust on the rollers.  There are three untested optic boards included as well.  

See pictures for more details on its condition.

Year 1980
Related Game Title Missile Command
Related Game Title Atari Football
Related Game Title Atari Baseball
Related Game Title Atari Basketball
Quick Game Facts
Missile Command

On of the best games ever made, Missile Command was very appropriate for its time. In the early 80s, America was still worrying about the Cold War, and Missile Command was a very thinly veiled simulation of nuclear war.

You control a track ball that targets your defensive missles. You can shoot from three different bases, but be careful: if your base is hit, you loose all of your missiles in that base. Your goal is to defend all of your cities from the never-ending attack.

Coin-Op Overview

Missile Command has two boards: the main PCB board, and the typical Atari Audio Regulator II board. See KB article for proper upgrade to Audio Regulator II board.

Screen Captures

Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1980
Manufacturer: Atari
Genre: Shooter
Players: 2P
Conversion Class: unique
Monitor Type: Raster
Orientation: Horizontal
Monitor Resolution: CGA