Manufacturer Midway

Bowling Alley (Midway 8080 Board)

Untested, clean 8080 system set

Original Midway 4 Player Bowling Alley System 8080 arcade game circuit boardset.  This one is in very nice condition, includes the 8080 CPU board, the Bowling Alley daughter board and metal brackets. Midway part #A084-90700-C730 and 80-900K.

Board appears to be complete, iti s untested and sold as-is. It is found in old warehouse and has been sitting for many years.

Year 1978
Related Game Title 4-Player Bowling Alley
Quick Game Facts
4-Player Bowling Alley
Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1978
Manufacturer: Midway
Genre: Sports
Players: 4P
Conversion Class: Midway 8080
Orientation: Vertical
Monitor Resolution: CGA