Manufacturer Bally Midway

Cook Race (BurgerTime)

Untested, fairly clean boardset

Cook Race arcade game circuit from 1982 in untested condition.  This game is a knock-off of BurgerTime with a different pinout. Boardset appears to be complete and in good condition. No physical damage or corrosion. It is untested and sold as-is for parts or repair.

See photos for more details on its condition.

Related Game Title BurgerTime
Year 1982
Genre Platform
Quick Game Facts

In BurgerTime, you play Peter Pepper, a chef who’s goal is simple, make hamburgers. Of course, your job is never that easy, as with most games, you’ve got the enemies who are out to stop your work: Mr. Hot Dog, Mr. Pickle and Mr. Egg. Your character starts out with a limited supply of pepper, which can be used like “pepper spray” to stun enemies. In all, there are six levels to be completed. The game is essentially a platform/maze game.

Coin-Op Overview

The upright version of the game features Peter Pepper on the sides of the cabinet, which is cut in proportion to Peter Pepper. Bally Midway also released a cocktail version of the game similar to its other cocktail games of the era (such as Ms. Pac-Man). In the arcade version of the game there are six levels to be completed.

Screen Captures

Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1982
Manufacturer: Bally Midway
Genre: Platform
Players: 2P
Conversion Class: unique
Monitor Type: Raster
Orientation: Vertical
Monitor Resolution: CGA