Manufacturer Midway

Double Play? (Midway 8080 Board)

Untested, 8080 system set, missing roms

Original Midway 8080 arcade game circuit boardset that we believe may have a Double Play daughterboard.  This one is in good used condition, includes the 8080 CPU board, a daughter board with part number MM TI 0619-00902B. Midway part number on the main board is #A080-90000-L000.  The main board is missing its roms. Otherwise complete and in good condition. The daughterboard appears to be missing its amplifer.

Boardset is untested and sold as-is. It is found in old warehouse and has been sitting for many years.

Year 1978
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Quick Game Facts
4-Player Bowling Alley
Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1978
Manufacturer: Midway
Genre: Sports
Players: 4P
Conversion Class: Midway 8080
Orientation: Vertical
Monitor Resolution: CGA