Manufacturer Electrohome

Electrohome G08 Paddle Board

Complete, untested

Original, Electrohome G08 color vector arcade game monitor paddle circuit board in used condition. This one appears to be complete. It is untested and has been sitting for many years. Sold as-is.

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Quick Game Facts
Star Trek

A color vector game where you play Captain Kirk! This Star Trek game used voices to create a great battlefield "simulation" program. The screen is divided into three areas: a large, front view (bottom half of the screen), a smaller overhead view (upper right quadrant), and a status screen (upper left quadrant).

This game was released as a great cockpit game which modeled the Captain's chair, a dedicated upright, and a conversion kit for uprights.

Coin-Op Overview

Released as a dedicated Sega "Convert-a-cab" game, this game can also be found frequently as an Asteroids conversion. (See Asteroids for weight and measurement information for the conversion.)

Unfortunately this game's vector monitor is prone to breakdown for which there isn't any preventative fixes. Never leave a Star Trek game on unattended as the monitor can catch fire.

The game features a spinner for ship movement (rotate right, left), a phaser fire button, a photon torpedo button, and a warp button. You fly from sector to sector clearing the sector of Klingon ships and attempting to protect your base. Dock at the base to recharge your shields, torpedos, and warp time. After certain sectors you will attempt to kill a probe that lays space mines which can explode and severely damage your ship.

Star Trek also makes use of digitized sounds, and features the voices of Spock and Sulu.

Screen Captures

Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1982
Manufacturer: Sega
Genre: Simulator
Players: 2P
Conversion Class: Sega G80 System - Vector
Monitor Type: Vector
Orientation: Horizontal