Entertainment Enterprises Board (1983)

May be a bubble hockey game, we have no idea...

Original Entertainment Enterprises coin-op circuit boardset from 1983.  We don't know too much about this board, we owned one of these many years ago and sold it to a collector in Japan.  At that point we thought it was a Vampire game board that game was released by Entertainment Enterprises in 1983.  However the collector indicated he did think this was the case. 

Based on current information in may be a Japanese bubble hockey game board, but it does look like a typical classic arcade game board with a processor, roms, sound processor and amplifier section.  There is some more background info here.

In any case this particular board is missing a transistor at Q2, it is untested, sold as-is. Certainly a rare item, but we have no idea what game it is.

See pictures for more details.

Year 1983