Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Few Updates, New Board Arrivals, Qix/ZK Repairs

I definitely don't update the news section as much as I should these days.  Been spending the first couple weeks of the new year working on Taito Qix / ZK repairs as well as some Konami boards.  Just listed some recently repair Konami boards including Circus Charlie, Hyper Sports, Scramble and Super Cobra.

Also took on some outside repairs of a couple of Qix and Zoo Keeper sets.  At this point I'm pretty comfortable repairing Qix / Zoo Keeper boardsets and can take on more repairs.  Repair rates are $65 per hour plus parts, most sets take a least 2-3 hours (some longer) as I do a bit of preventative maintenance which alone takes a good hour if not longer.  Probabably still a good investment when you consider these sets are fetching $400-500 these days. If you're interested in sending me your boards contact us and I'll get back to you to confirm shipping address, etc.

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