Monday, April 04, 2016

Good Week of Game Picking

Had a good week picking games, which is something we don't say much anymore these days. Just so much harder finding decent dedicated games than 10-15 years ago.  This week's pick-up included a Black Widow, Gyruss, Pac-Man cabaret and Space Zap cabaret.  

Most of these are going to wind up in my personal gameroom, I sold my Black Widow years ago and have missed it, so this one is a keeper for a while.  The Pac-Man cabaret is very clean, and should clean up well.

Can't say I've owned a Space Zap cabaret, I've had a couple uprights, but the mini is definitely a neat piece. Definitely one of the better playing black and white games out there.  Look for some more info the Pac-Man cabaret on our blog, have some cool plans for it.