USPS Shipping Updates (9/1/21)

Please note that the US Post Office is doing much better with delivery times these days although we recommend using UPS if you have any concerns about transit times. 

Also we are no longer shipping to some countries (Spain, Greece, Italy to name a few).  We have had too many issues with packages not arriving.

Monday, April 04, 2016

Good Week of Game Picking

Had a good week picking games, which is something we don't say much anymore these days. Just so much harder finding decent dedicated games than 10-15 years ago.  This week's pick-up included a Black Widow, Gyruss, Pac-Man cabaret and Space Zap cabaret.  

Most of these are going to wind up in my personal gameroom, I sold my Black Widow years ago and have missed it, so this one is a keeper for a while.  The Pac-Man cabaret is very clean, and should clean up well.

Can't say I've owned a Space Zap cabaret, I've had a couple uprights, but the mini is definitely a neat piece. Definitely one of the better playing black and white games out there.  Look for some more info the Pac-Man cabaret on our blog, have some cool plans for it.