Manufacturer Williams

Make Trax

Missing a few ICs, presumed not working

Original Williams Make Trax arcade game circuit board from 1981 that doesn't work. This board is missing a few ICs and will need some work.  Board may have been modified at some point, see photos for more details. Sold as-is.

Genre Labyrinth/Maze
Related Game Title Make Trax
Year 1981
Quick Game Facts
Make Trax

Williams was best known for games such as Defender, Stargate, Joust and Robotron, challenging games that seemed to have a more violent “search and destroy” them. In fact, looking at Make Trax one would never think the game was released by Williams. The game is actually a copy of another game, “Crush Roller” and was licensed to Williams by a third party.

The game is one of many maze games released in the early 1980s. The objective is simple enough: paint the maze. You must pounce on the bad guys (birds, dogs, cats), first because you score points for doing so and second, it stops them from making any more mess on the board - mess you must later clean up before you can advance to the next board. Two things happen when the fish catch you and you "get eaten" - the paintbrush disappears from the screen momentarily, then in the next few seconds what appears to be a cowboy hat with an arrow shot through it shows up in its place; and while this metamorphosis is occurring a certain jingle plays - specifically it's the chorus of the "Twefth Street Rag," an old classic tune that became a hit single for bandleader Pee Wee Hunt in 1948.

While the game’s theme certainly represents a departure from Williams other games, the game is quite fun and challenging.

Screen Captures

Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1981
Manufacturer: Williams
Genre: Labyrinth/Maze
Players: 2P
Conversion Class: unique
Monitor Type: Raster
Orientation: Vertical
Monitor Resolution: CGA