Vacation Notice (6/13/24)

Note that we will be away from Friday June 14, 2024 until Friday June 21, 2024.  The website will remain open for online ordering during this time with any orders shipped when we return.  We will not be checking emails during this time and will respond to any emails when we return. Thanks for your continued support, understanding and patience!   

Manufacturer Neotec

Neotec NT-2701 S 27" Monitor Chassis

Untested Neotec NT-2701 S 27" monitor chassis.

Original, Neotec NT-2701 S 27" arcade game monitor chassis.  This one is untested, it was found in a bulk purchase of parts.  The chassis appears to be missing IC301 and a couple of caps. It does have some dust / dirt from sitting over the years.  Consider it needing repair or for parts..   We believe this is from a 27" standard resolution tube.

Please note: working with monitors involves high voltages and can be dangerous.  If you are not familar with monitors we do not recommend installing an item like this.