Manufacturer Sega

Out Run


Sega Out Run Owner's Manual. Includes game information, parts lists and schematics, among other things.

Photo may not be of actual manual, sometimes we have more than one in stock. Condition can vary, but they are all usable.

Related Game Title Out Run
Year 1986
Genre Racing

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Quick Game Facts
Out Run

Choose your music, choose your path, and hit the highway!

Your goal is to complete the course (one of many available courses) before time runs out. When released, Out Run was ahead of its time, and featured some really great graphics and great music. A fun driving game where you have to hit each checkpoint before time runs out.

Screen Captures

Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1986
Manufacturer: Sega
Genre: Racing
Players: 1P
Conversion Class: unique
Orientation: Horizontal
Monitor Resolution: CGA