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Space Dungeon Boardset

Space Dungeon Boardset

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Tested and working Taito Space Dungeon arcade game circuit boardset. Listing includes the three boards as shown. This board was recently repaired, bench tested over the course of a week and works fine.  These boards can be tricky to get running at times due to corrosion often found on the Video board.  Some more details:

Video Processor - Clean board with almost no signs of corrosion damage. A number of sockets were replaced. A few bad ICs were replaced. Header pins reflowed. Tantalum caps replaced near 4116 rams.  New 4116 rams installed.  Both 50-Pin Header pin connectors replaced on this board. Board does not have a battery installed. It will need one to retain high scores. We recommend a NVRam kit do this.

Rom Board - Originally a Qix rom converted to Space Dungeon. Includes freshly burned roms and the coin door PCB bypass rom (eliminates the need for the small coin board).

Data / Sound Board - Fairly clean, original board that was tested and works fine. Header pins reflowed.

Note that you the ribbon cables are not included. We believe there are new sets available online and recommend using a new set of cables.  See photos for more details on the boards and what is included.  This system uses the same hardware that plays games such as Qix, Electric Yo-Yo, Kram and Zoo Keeper (additional rom board needed for ZK) by swapping roms.  

Additional Information

  • 1981
  • Electric Yo-Yo, The
  • Kram
  • Space Dungeon
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