Saturday, February 27, 2016's new online store upgrade!

Hello! If you have been a long-time customer, you know that we've had an online store since the very early days of the internet. Back when we first launched, there wasn't any off the shelf ecommerce software that we could use, so we built our own system (if you can believe it!). After many years of running our shop using our custom software solution, we finally took the plunge and upgraded our store to a world class, open source platform. We did this for many reasons, but primarily to serve you better!

Great new features include:

  • Searching and browsing features are much better to help you find items.
  • User accounts to make it easier for you to save items that you'd like to purchase
  • Shipping calculations use information provided directly by UPS and USPS for much more accurate calcuations
  • Checkout exclusively through PayPal  

Enjoy, and happy gaming!

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