Manufacturer Bally Midway

Super Pac-Man x 3

Two Video and one CPU board, all Not working

Lot of three non-working Bally Midway Super Pac-Man arcade game circuit boards.  This listing includes one CPU board and two video boards.  Two of the boards report Ram errors (when fully populated), but we believe the rams are NOT the issue. The other Video board locks-up during game play, we believe.  These boards are missing a few ICs, Roms and Rams, we believe and one prom. The custom ICs are intact, and we believe most, if not all are working.

They will need some repair work, some of the sockets are pretty iffy as they show signs of it, but we don't think these are lost causes.  Useful for parts or repair, we don't have the time or motivation to try to fix them.  Boards are sold as-is.

Related Game Title Super Pac-Man
Year 1982
Genre Labyrinth/Maze
Quick Game Facts
Super Pac-Man

Super Pac-Man was another follow up in the Pac line up. This time you didn't eat dots, but went after the fruit in each level. Part of the strategy was to "unlock" the maze so that you could eat all of the fruit. You also could become "Super Pac-Man" becoming much larger than normal.

Coin-Op Overview

The dedicated cabinet has a wedge-like shape to look like Pac himself.

Screen Captures

Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1982
Manufacturer: Bally Midway
Genre: Labyrinth/Maze
Players: 2P
Conversion Class: unique
Monitor Type: Raster
Orientation: Vertical
Monitor Resolution: CGA