USPS Shipping Updates (9/1/21)

Please note that the US Post Office is doing much better with delivery times these days although we recommend using UPS if you have any concerns about transit times. 

Also we are no longer shipping to some countries (Spain, Greece, Italy to name a few).  We have had too many issues with packages not arriving.

About Us was founded in 2001 by James Bright and Anthony Pietrak who had discovered arcade game collecting in the late 90s. After a few years we realized that we just couldn't keep all of the games that we found but still enjoyed finding and restoring games. At that point we decided to start selling games on the side to support our hobby. Well it wasn’t long before our hobby turned into a full blown business. 

Alot has changed in the past 15+ years of our existence, we moved away from game restorations in 2010 as games become harder to find and people migrated to multigame setups. At that point we shifted our focus to our bustling parts business, which is our main focus today.

Today, we’re still collectors, and we still love bringing old, classic games to life but have shifted our focus to finding and providing parts for game restorations rather than retail games sales. James has taken a step back from the business to focus on his career and family, while Anthony continues to handle the day to day operations, which are conducted primarily out of his home.  

We are so grateful to the continued support of our customers over the years, without you we wouldn't be able to pursue our dream of "playing with games for a living".  

Thank you,

Anthony and James

Anthony in 2001

James in 2001