Vacation Notice (8/2/22)

Note that we will be away for vacation beginning Wednesday August 3rd through Thursday, August 11th, 2022. The website will remain open for online ordering during this time with orders shipped and emails returned when we return on Friday August 12th, 2022.  Thanks for your continued support, understanding and patience! 

Manufacturer Wells Gardner

Wells Gardner K4800 / 4900 13" Monitor Chassis

Untested chassis version with believe is from a 13" tube?

Original Wells Gardner K4900 series arcade game CGA (standard resolution) monitor chassis.  This chassis is not tested, just cleaning out some old boxes of parts and found this one, we probably pulled it from a complete monitor with a bad tube years ago, but please assume it will need to be rebuilt and or repaired.  It is being sold as-is. Chassis has some typical dirt and dust from sitting in a game over the years. We noticed the red drive pot is broken on the neck board.

Note that we believe this chassis for a 13" tube based on the neck socket, but please photos for more details. The part number on the main board is " 2061433-037".

Please note: working with monitors involves high voltages and can be dangerous.  If you are not familar with monitors we do not recommend installing an item like this.