Manufacturer Wico

Wico 4-Way Red Ball Leafswitch Joystick

Original Wico joystick used on classic games.

Original 4-way red ball, leaf switch joystick in good condition. This joystick has a normal size joystick and shaft (not the thin version) and was used on many classic games. Note that it is a 4-way joystick (not 8-way).    Shaft measures 3.5" to bottom of the red ball. This joystick was used on many classic games. 

This is a used joystick, with some typical modest wear.  We give these joysticks a nice cleaning and make sure they move as they should and have fairly nice red ball sticks installed. Grommets are still in good shape, some may have slight cracking, but are usable.

Image is a sample image as sometimes we have more than one in stock. Item is in comparable condition.

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