Manufacturer Atari

Williams Pinball / Video Game Test Switch Panel

Four switches and wiring, we think from WMS pinball games

Original, test panel with four switches that we believe was used in Williams pinball machines and possibly some video games. What you see is what you get, a metal bracket with four test switches and related wiring. Note that the wiring has been cut cleanly on the one side.

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Quick Game Facts

A follow up to the Williams hit Defender, Stargate added a new dimension: the stargate. By flying through the stargate, your ship will be flown to the nearest human being abducted. Carry four humans through the stargate, and you will warp four levels and collect huge bonus points.

Coin-Op Overview

Stargate's controls were just as complicated as Defender, yet with the addition of a new button: Invisio. You have Invisio for a brief amount of time (new amounts of time are awarded as you play). When you're invisible you kill each enemy you touch. Very handy for the guppy rounds.

Screen Captures

Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1981
Manufacturer: Williams
Genre: Scrolling Shooter
Players: 2P
Conversion Class: Williams
Orientation: Horizontal
Monitor Resolution: CGA