Offroad Thunder Quiksilver II Computer (PC)

At least partially working...

Original Midway Games Offroad Thunder Quiksilver II arcade game computer.  We are not that familiar with this system, we were able to test it with another video card and get it too begin to boot.  It stops at boot-up looking for the original video card (which we pulled to test it).   We believe this PC was also used in Hydro Thunder games.

We are selling it as-is, since we can't fully test it and confirm that the original video card is working (or hard drive, etc).  We suspect the motherboard is at least working, possibly the other components as well.  We do not have the cover the PC case.

See photos for more details, it is a little dusty from sitting, but otherwise in good condition.

Related Game Title Hydro Thunder
Year 1999
Genre Racing
Related Game Title Off Road Thunder
Quick Game Facts
Hydro Thunder
Coin-Op Technical Details
Year: 1999
Manufacturer: Midway
Players: 8P
Conversion Class: JAMMA+
Orientation: Horizontal
Monitor Resolution: VGA