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Atari Color Raster Transformer Assembly

Atari Color Raster Transformer Assembly

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Original, untested Atari color raster game power transformer block.  Original Atari Transformer Part #A035888.  This is the power transformer unit used in Atari's color raster games, including Centipede, Millipede, Dig Dug, Pole Position, System 1 and 2 games and probably other raster games.  

This one will need some work, the fuse holder cap is missing for F1. The fuse holder needs to be replaced for fuse F6 and the fuses look to be in rough shape.  We'd recommend cleaning it up a bit as it is dirty and does have some surface rust. With this being said, we have found that these things restore well and the transformers rarely fail (we've never seen a bad one).

We believe this will also work with black and white vector games as well. 

Additional Information

  • 1980
  • Centipede
  • Dig Dug
  • Millipede
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