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Black Vinyl (Morocco style)

Black Vinyl (Morocco style)

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Black "Morocco" style vinyl with adhesive backing ideal for game restoration projects. This vinyl makes an excellent replacement for the sides of cabinets such as Dragon's Lair (it is a very close match to the original) as well as a very nice replacement for the front of cabinets that were originally black (such as Robotron, Joust, Stargate and Q*bert to name a few). Can also be used to refinish a generic cabinet and give it a clean look.

Vinyl has a textured finish (the style is known as "Morocco") similar to leather and has a very sticky back, just peel off the protective paper and apply. Price is for 12" x 50" of vinyl, please order multiple quantities for bigger pieces (for example a quantity of 5 would be a 5' x 50" piece). Vinyl is shipped as one piece and shipped rolled.

We've found 2-3 feet worth is usually enough to do the front of a game while 15 feet worth is usually needed to do both sides and the front of game.

Note that we now get charged a hefty "oversize package weight" charge when shipping this vinyl, so shipping costs generally run $35-50 to ship this in the US, depending on your location and quantity ordered.

Additional Information

  • 1983
  • Adventure
  • Dragon's Lair
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