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Knuckle Bash Kit (NOS)

Knuckle Bash Kit (NOS)

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Original Atari Games Knuckle Bash upright arcade game conversion kit.  We found this one from a warehouse cleanout, it is brand new, never used.  The original boardset was not in the kit, but everything else looks to be intact, including:

  • Sideart x 2
  • Bezel and bezel instruction decal
  • Control panel overlay
  • Marquee
  • Clear plexi for marquee
  • Manual
  • Happ Joysticks x 2
  • Microswitch buttons
  • Jamma Filter board?
  • Bag of hardware

Everything is new, never used, sideart has some light wrinkles from sitting, but overall everything is in great shape.

Additional Information

  • 1993
  • Fighting
  • Knuckle Bash
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