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Regulator / Audio II-04

Regulator / Audio II-04

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Tested and working Atari Regulator / Audio II, Rev. 04 power supply board. This power supply board is used in most Atari color vector games and Food Fight. Here is a list of games that it will work with:

  • Food Fight
  • Gravitar
  • Major Havoc
  • Quantum
  • Space Duel
  • Tempest

This board has been tested and works fine.

Please note if your game is smoking resistor R29 or R30 on the Regulator Audio board, this will not fix the problem. The problem is usually related to a bad edge connector or bad pins on the main circuit board in the game.

Note the picture is a sample picture of item. Board is in comparable condition and looks the same as the one shown.

Additional Information

  • 1982
  • Shooter
  • Gravitar
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